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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom's a bonehead!

Happy Sunday everyone! Mom &  I were feeling a little neglected as we hadn't gotten any comments on our last blog. She's a big dork, and wants to publicly apologize to everyone! She did something to her settings to where comments had to be checked first before being published. She says "she honestly doesn't even know how she did it." Anyhoo, I thank you all for coming by today and everyday, and I will see to it, that the problem is fixed PRONTO! For her punishment, and my enjoyment, she will get 50 chomps from me periodically throughout the day, and very little sleep tonight! Ta Ta, and we'll be by shortly to see all of you.
Adios from your long-suffering furry highness,

(PS-It has been suggested to me by my human Mom's Dad that she write a brief history about our meeting, & thus subsequent life together. Check back if interested :).


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Tigger - our mom does that kind of stuff all the time! She thinks she comments and forgets to make sure it goes through all the time - she says she is sure it did but then she'll never go and check - moms can be so silly!

We would love to hear about how you met your mom - those stories always are so good - we will be here for sure!

Sweet Praline said...

No problem, Tigger. Sometimes my mom doesn't even get around to helping me visit all of my furriends! Glad you have it figured out.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We really do unnerstand, mom once tried to do some fancy shmancy blog purrty up stuff and LOST OUR WHOLE BLOG! She does goofy stuff like dat alla time. We look forward to hearing yoor life story, we love to know how alla our frends found der furever homes... and der servants!

Kea said...

Hi Tigger.

Sometimes our human doesn't get around to visiting all the blogs, either, or sometimes she reads but doesn't comment. It's hard to keep up with 60 or more blogs every day, especially when your human works full time outside the home and has other things in her life (gasp!).

So don't worry if there aren't as many comments as you like....We now are "Blogging Without Obligation," and have a graphic on our Fuzzy Tales site if you want to check it out.

Just remember, it's only a blog...something fun, a hobby. It's true no one is going to engrave anyone's blog stats on their grave markers. LOL.

P.S. Thanks for visiting us! We think you must mean Annie--she's our medium-haired brown tabby...with the sour disposition. LOL.

Ginger Jasper said...

Hello Tigger, it is hard for our busy mums to get around all the blogs, so dont worry. I think yu are a pretty cool kitty. Mums very firt kitty was called Tigger and she reembers the day she got him like yesterday. It was actualy the only memory from those days as she was only two but the memory is fixed and her mum says that is just how it happened. That must be why she has always loved kitty cats.. Hugs GJ x

The Creek Cats said...

You know how to keep your momma in line, don't you, Tigger? MOL!

Tell your mom we think she is an angel for being a colony caretaker and having all the kitties snipped! Wonderful!

Brian said...

Hey Tigger, sometimes that happens, but the most important thing is that you're here and able to put the bitey on Mom whenever you feel like it!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Tigger. Our mum is always messing things up and we try to keep her away from our blog but it doesn't work.We just have to make sure we check what she has done.

Harry Spotter said...

It happens, these blogs and comments can be tricky. Glad its all fiugured out.

Everycat said...

Just 50 chomps? Tigger you are most benevolent

Tee Hee

Whicky Wuudler