lounging with my mousie

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grandma's gone :(

Well, the Grandma came & left. (This was the human Mom's mom.) We all had a great time, although mom & grandma spent quite a bit of time out eating Mexcian food--almost every day! I actually didn't mind that, as they brought me home leftovers that, for the most part, were quite tasty. They also planted flowers, walked in the park, and spent a lot of time focused on ME. Yay! It was gorgeous while grandma was here, but it rained the day she left. That was appropriate as I was very sad, so I hid under the covers. (See picture.) I wanted to thank everyone for their comments. Mom has gotten back to some of you,  we'd especially like to thank Whicky Wuudler for his suggestion on the cat blogosphere. You all are very nice. It'll be nice getting to know you, and we appreciate your kind comments.
Okay, gotta go climb in the back of mom's computer chair. I like to sit there and bite her in the butt while she's working. (See picture.) Adios everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rare rainy Sunday

Well, Mom has been busy, so she's been neglecting my blog. Her apologies. School has gotten a little crazy lately. and I tried to tell her that is NO EXCUSE! What is most important here? ME! Anyway, she'll hopefully be better around Mar. 12. Then she'll be off for 2 weeks, and she'll have more time to write.

I'm so excited, the "Grandma" is coming a week from tomorrow! That would be the human Mom's mom. I really adore her--the Grandma, and can't wait for her to come and sweet talk me. I wish the human Mom's Dad was coming too, but he's not. Last time he came, he made me really good shrimp, and blackened salmon. I'm a little crazy that way--I LOVE spicy food. Weird for a kitty, I know, I know, but I do LOVE it. Anyway, he's not coming, but he'll be in my thoughts. I know the Grandma will spoil me while she's here.

Other than that, it was (as the title suggests) a rare, but very rainy Sunday here in the desert. It rained and rained, and I hate rain.I like to blame everything on my Mom...including the rain, so I let her know of my displeasure, through long, loud, inharmonious howls today. FINALLY the rain let up for a short period of time, and she took me outside with her. I thought about climbing the tree in the picture, but decided not to. Anyway, thanks for the last comments. I really appreciate them, and am working very hard on returning those messages. Like I said before, Mom is new to this, and will return the thanks as soon as possible.
Thanks again everybody. Ta ta for now.