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Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Adventures

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! Many thanks to our friends at Everycat, or as usual, you would not hear of my loveliness :) . Hope all is well with all of you! I turned 24 this month! Mom continues to be very worried about me, as I'm very, very skinny due to my hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. I'm very ornery about taking my meds, so that does not help. Mom thought she had me fooled with the "pill pockets" but I tricked her! I'd eat around the pill pockets, and actually hide the pills behind the curtains! She could not believe it,  but I did it! Every once in awhile I let her get some pills down. Anyway, all if fine here. I'm doing a great job of keeping mom up at night with my howling.
The desert is already getting warm. Georgie is still here, sigh.
We had some trouble the other night, as Mom's friend was not careful, and accidentally locked Georgie in the bedroom with me! They thought I was just doing my usual howling, but Mom figured it out pronto. The "friend" was justly punished, and luckily no one was hurt!
Mom has been keeping me supplied with lots of goodies that I SO deserve. (Rotisserie chicken, halibut, salmon, and most recently cod.) I have told her I will not eat kitty food. Why she is just now getting this, after 24 years, is beyond me, but better late than never :). Anyhoo, Mom has attached some recent pictures. Much love to you all.
Tigger, Mom, and yes, sigh, Georgie.
Happy Birthday to Me! 24 and looking FABULOUS!

Please Mom, let me sleep!

out cold--again

Pretty boy