lounging with my mousie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Mom & I met...and a brief history

About 19 years ago, when I was already over 3 years old, Mom was working in a bar--yes, a bar, bar tending. (That was before she became an old school teacher!) She would get home around 3 am. She lived in a lovely apartment, overlooking a small lake. When it was cool, she would leave her sliding door open, for a fresh breeze. Well one night after work, when she was particularly tired, she happened to leave the sliding door open when she went to bed...
..As a young, curious, bachelor kitty about town, I could not help myself. I wandered into her open screen door. She was in a water bed, and falling asleep, wiggling her foot. Now as many of you kitties know, some of us cannot resist attacking wiggly things under blankets...so of course I had to pounce on the wiggling foot!
...Mom screamed herself awake, trying to figure out what was attacking her foot, and wondering how did it get in her bed??? (She was lucky it was only me, and not a raccoon, or a skunk!) Anyway, she laughed out loud, and said, "I was the cutest thing she had ever seen," and of course I did not argue.
The rest as they say...is history.
The funniest parts are, there were 6 people in the apartment complex, who all thought I belonged to them. They would eventually find out the truth after watching me and talking to each other...that I would stop by each of my so called "owners" for a bite to eat, a snooze, and the occasional lovin's. I had them all going for quite a while...
 There was actually a British lady who was really my first mom in the apartment complex, and she pronounced my name "Tigga." She had to move back to England, though, so I decided on my current Mom, as at the TIME she was quite a night owl, and provided lots of good eats, and entertainment.
   Now we've kind of grown old together. We have had many laughs, adventures, and priceless experiences together. She loves me very, very much, and she knows how very special I am. I have been her best buddy for just about ever! Of course, I have aged better than she, and I'm obviously still much more fun and better looking. Over the years I have saved her from many a bad person. (I used to bite the heads off of any roses her latest and not so greatest boyfriend would bring her. ) She's not a bad momma, however, I find I still have to train her daily. Hope you enjoyed our brief history. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

...or just Happy Weekend, if you don't celebrate it.
Mom finally let me out of jail, I mean the house, under close supervision today. I like to go out in the front yard, 'cause there's more freedom, but Mom won't let me go alone, due to cars, my age, dogs,-- blah, blah, blah. I think she just uses it as her "control." So, I'll let her think that. She wanted to thank all of you who took the time to reply and help with the blog. She appreciates it very much. She's still working on the brief version of how we met. It'll be coming soon.
So here I am next to what my mom thinks is a "Desert Spoon" plant. (She's not totally sure.) I just like it 'cause it is really sharp and spiky, and feels good to scratch against. It is also especially fun to crawl under, as Mom can't get me without severely injuring herself. (hee, hee, hee.)
Hope you all have a GREAT rest of your weekend.