lounging with my mousie

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday and Happy Early Halloween!

Hello Everyone, (Mom awoke me from my early, early morning nap to write this one!)
    I thought Mom was going to stop blogging...she hasn't done it in so long. But thank goodness for a gentle nudge from Whicky, (both Mom and I have a thing for him) or the world might never hear of my greatness again!
   Anyway, I had a lovely time with the grandma. She has since gone back to her own state, and I'm stuck here in the desert.
    However, it has gotten much nicer lately, even nice enough one day for me to go in the Jeep and hide out! I love to sleep in there, as I've mentioned previously.
  I've been feeling fine lately, and have been doing well taking my thyroid meds, but still being quite naughty with the kidney pills. Mom needs to find a better way and soon!
  Hope you all are doing well. Mom is going to take a day off work soon, just to catch up with everyone's lives.
   Many purrs and the occasionally love bite to you all.
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Grandma is coming!

First of all, mom sends her apologies for not getting around to see everyone. Work, and life have been CRAZY, and very, very busy!
However, I made her write a quick note tonight, as the Grandma comes tomorrow! I'm so excited!
Mom has included an old picture of the grandma and me. You can see in it, I am giving her a hug!
Hope everyone is doing well. Mom hopes to catch up with everybody soon!
Lots of love to everyone,

(Me and the grandma...)