lounging with my mousie

Monday, June 28, 2010

Help Wanted

Well, it is hot, hot, hot, here in the desert today...too hot to go outside. About 113 degrees. Mom will only let me out for about 5 minutes at a time...since she thinks I'm old and fragile. (yeah, right.)
Anyhoo--I was thinking she could probably use some help with MY blog. I made her start writing in January of this year. She was completely new and naive to the world of blogging, and let's be honest...quite clueless. We just wanted to start writing about me, as I'm so funny and handsome.
 She (and I) had NO idea about the world of cat blogs, the cat blogosphere, etc. Thanks to some very nice people, (like Whicky Wuddler--where is he anyway?) and several others of you, we have managed to hobble along in our endeavors. Mom would like any other help/advice you have to offer. Like, when she sees something really wonderful (like a banner, etc.) is she allowed to copy and paste that to her blog? (Like the banner "Blogging without Obligation." She LOVES that one.) And where does she get banners, or how do I become a "Floof and Fur" member, etc?
There seems to be a whole etiquette/vocabulary out there and we really don't want to step on any paws...so if someone could fill in the helpless human, that'd be great...(like the Mancat Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc.)
Maybe there's a kitty blogging manual out there, that someone can send my way?
Hope you all are having a terrific, and hopefully much cooler Monday than we are in AZ.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitty Faux Paw

Well, Happy Friday everyone! Mom is out of school for about another month, so like it or not, she has more time on her hands. Unfortunately, she has been spending some of it taking pictures of me...
So, I don't like to admit this, as it is a little embarrassing from a kitty's point of view...but I like water--when I am in control of it, and when I think Mom isn't watching. I like puddles, sprinklers, etc. Weird, I know, but I never claimed to be normal. Anyway, I'm usually very careful to make sure Mom can't catch me in the act of getting in the water, but this time she caught me...on camera!
Then, I was trying to make her think I had disappeared. Kind of like hide-and-seek, only with a very demented kitty's mindset. So I thought I was hidden behind the curtain, and curses! I was foiled again! My big tail gave me away. Guess I'll just have to go snuggle with her on the couch! She wins...
Have a greeaaat weekend!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom's a bonehead!

Happy Sunday everyone! Mom &  I were feeling a little neglected as we hadn't gotten any comments on our last blog. She's a big dork, and wants to publicly apologize to everyone! She did something to her settings to where comments had to be checked first before being published. She says "she honestly doesn't even know how she did it." Anyhoo, I thank you all for coming by today and everyday, and I will see to it, that the problem is fixed PRONTO! For her punishment, and my enjoyment, she will get 50 chomps from me periodically throughout the day, and very little sleep tonight! Ta Ta, and we'll be by shortly to see all of you.
Adios from your long-suffering furry highness,

(PS-It has been suggested to me by my human Mom's Dad that she write a brief history about our meeting, & thus subsequent life together. Check back if interested :).