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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Night Sweet Prince

It is with overwhelming sadness, loss, and utter disbelief that I write this.
 My sweet lovey best friend and furry boy passed on Aug. 14 at 8:54 a.m. 
I was with him when he took his last deep breath. I thanked him for all his love, fun, and everything else, and told him it would be okay. He looked at me, and was gone.
I am lost without him, miss him so much, and think about him every hour of everyday.
I am so thankful for every single moment of laughter, friendship, bravery, loyalty, honesty, and supreme unconditional love that he gave me. It was 24 years of absolute affection between the two of us. I miss him so much. I see him everywhere, in everything.
He came to me through an open door in an apartment I was staying in. I was cocktail waitressing at the time. I would come home, exhausted, 3:00 in the morning, and throw open a screen door to cool things off. One night, a beautiful furry boy walked in the door. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tigger was the ultimate good judge of character. He always made a judgement on new acquaintances within 3 seconds, and he was ALWAYS right. People who I thought were good people---& who Tigger thought were not--were always proved to be what he thought they were, and vice versa.
He was my confidant, my defender, my knight in shining armor. He would follow us on walks, and to the hot tub. Everyone in an entire apartment complex knew who he was.
  When moved to a new house, he made it very clear who was in charge. When I tried to put a collar on him, it was found hanging from a tree branch. To show his displeasure of my boyfriend/ roommate, he definitely made his kingship known. He was the muse of many writings, the source of many a conversation, the reason to celebrate, and a gift to entertain.
   The last 12 years in my most recent home, he always ruled the roost. His vet, my friends, family and other acquaintances always knew and asked of him. He was well known in many circles, for his extreme naughtiness, and endless ability to shock you while making you laugh. He was eating turkey hot dogs and chicken up until 2 days before he died. I sincerely hope he is getting King Crab legs in heaven, as those were his favorites, as well as black olives and "Spicy Cheeze -its." (Anything spicy for that matter!)
  Thank you, sweet Tigger, for making my life infinitely better than I every could have imagined. I love you more than you will ever know sweet boy. I hope you are fat and happy and running free.
"Good night, sweet prince. May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just Thankful

Hi Everyone!
     Well Mom and I have had a scary couple of months. I'm over 24 now, (just by a little) and there were 2 different weeks, when Mom thought she was going to lose me. She just said lots of prayers, and spent lots of time with me, as she was off work.
However, I decided both times it was not my time yet! I bounced back, and although very, very fragile, wobbly, and skinny, I have been back to my howling naughty ways, & I'm still telling Georgie what I think of him. Believe me, it is not nice!
     Mom has decided to be extra thankful for every day she gets with me! (As she should be.) We have our ups and downs. She thinks I won't live forever, but we'll see :) !
     I hope this Summer finds you all happy and healthy! It is monsoon season here in the Sonoran Desert, so it is quite humid for here!
     Purrs, Hugs, and Kisses.
From, Tigger, Mom, and Georgie

Me--in younger days--on Mom's schoolwork

Georgie-in charge of the TV remote for the day

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Adventures

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! Many thanks to our friends at Everycat, or as usual, you would not hear of my loveliness :) . Hope all is well with all of you! I turned 24 this month! Mom continues to be very worried about me, as I'm very, very skinny due to my hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. I'm very ornery about taking my meds, so that does not help. Mom thought she had me fooled with the "pill pockets" but I tricked her! I'd eat around the pill pockets, and actually hide the pills behind the curtains! She could not believe it,  but I did it! Every once in awhile I let her get some pills down. Anyway, all if fine here. I'm doing a great job of keeping mom up at night with my howling.
The desert is already getting warm. Georgie is still here, sigh.
We had some trouble the other night, as Mom's friend was not careful, and accidentally locked Georgie in the bedroom with me! They thought I was just doing my usual howling, but Mom figured it out pronto. The "friend" was justly punished, and luckily no one was hurt!
Mom has been keeping me supplied with lots of goodies that I SO deserve. (Rotisserie chicken, halibut, salmon, and most recently cod.) I have told her I will not eat kitty food. Why she is just now getting this, after 24 years, is beyond me, but better late than never :). Anyhoo, Mom has attached some recent pictures. Much love to you all.
Tigger, Mom, and yes, sigh, Georgie.
Happy Birthday to Me! 24 and looking FABULOUS!

Please Mom, let me sleep!

out cold--again

Pretty boy