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Monday, June 28, 2010

Help Wanted

Well, it is hot, hot, hot, here in the desert today...too hot to go outside. About 113 degrees. Mom will only let me out for about 5 minutes at a time...since she thinks I'm old and fragile. (yeah, right.)
Anyhoo--I was thinking she could probably use some help with MY blog. I made her start writing in January of this year. She was completely new and naive to the world of blogging, and let's be honest...quite clueless. We just wanted to start writing about me, as I'm so funny and handsome.
 She (and I) had NO idea about the world of cat blogs, the cat blogosphere, etc. Thanks to some very nice people, (like Whicky Wuddler--where is he anyway?) and several others of you, we have managed to hobble along in our endeavors. Mom would like any other help/advice you have to offer. Like, when she sees something really wonderful (like a banner, etc.) is she allowed to copy and paste that to her blog? (Like the banner "Blogging without Obligation." She LOVES that one.) And where does she get banners, or how do I become a "Floof and Fur" member, etc?
There seems to be a whole etiquette/vocabulary out there and we really don't want to step on any paws...so if someone could fill in the helpless human, that'd be great...(like the Mancat Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc.)
Maybe there's a kitty blogging manual out there, that someone can send my way?
Hope you all are having a terrific, and hopefully much cooler Monday than we are in AZ.


Eric and Flynn said...

Phew! We would melt in 113 degrees.
You can find out about BWO and get the text and banners here:

We aren't sure about Floof and Fur but we think it was started by Zoolatry. We think there is a link to it on the CB which will give you the email address to find out what to do.
For Mancat Monday, Tummy Tuesday, anyone can do that. Just choose your appropriate photo/s to post for that day. Hope that helps.

Kea said...

I have the BWO on both my blogs--a click will take you to the original poster and you will see it's free.

The banners--depends! Some are free for the taking--check the CB banners page--some are not made to be shared. Not sure if you mean someone's private graphics?

Re. all the theme posts for the days of week: Yep, anyone can do those, as Eric and Flynn stated.

If you want to be a member of the Senior Kitty Krew, contact Sammy and Andy's mom--http://samandy007.blogspot.com/

Does that help a bit? :-)

Harry Spotter said...

The Cb sure does have it own vocab sometimes. You will get the hang of it. You don't have to follow the Monday Mancat or Tuesday , etc.. You canpost what ever you want about you and your adventures. I have no idea about the Floof and Fur banner since we don't have any. I tried to join one time but was not accepted-wonder why? Have a great day!

Brian said...

You will get lots of answers I hope, but visiting the Cat Blogsphere every day is how I learned. They always have items that gives you an idea of what is going on!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh we are so behind but hm, lets see. First, your mom sounds like our mom - she just writes what she wants to about us.

As far as joining clubs, there should be info on their blog pages. Floof and fur has been pretty inactive lately. Floyd was a member (he has since gone to the bridge) but we still have the RSS feed come to our reader and haven't seen any in a LONG time. At your age you could also join the Kook Senior Kitties club (see Sammy and Andy's blog), and if you like to be a bit naughty you could join the club we started, the Naughty Kitty Club (but I am insanely behind on that) or if you are good you could look into the good kitties club (or you can also be a friend of the Naughty Kitty Club - that is for good kitties, and we know you could get in there either as a member or friend of since we started it).

The Blogging without Obligation one is one we know you can use without asking, and depending on what it is you could be looking at an award, a personal thing, whatever. It is always best to ask if you are not sure. We have a bunch of awards that we haven't posted or given to anyone yet - we think you are awesome so we are sure when we finally get to it you will get one. If it is an event that you think is cool and want to participate in then you can usually post about it and copy a picture that is about it.

Ummm..Skeezix had a blog that has help for kitty bloggers on it - it hasn't updated in a long time but there is still a link at the cat blogosphere. And if there is anything else you can for sure email our mom - she loves to help out any bloggers. She is just usually running kind of behind so if it takes a few days for her to respond don't be surprised!

Everycat said...

Here's the Floof & fur link: http://floofandfur.blogspot.com/

We just learned as we went along. At the bottom of each post on the Cat Blogosphere there is a list of all the daily "special days" like Mancat Monday, Femme Friday, Wordless/Wordy Wednesday - and there's nothing to stop you making up your own. New days get added regularly. There's also Carnival of The Cats, and Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos, which one blog will host and other cat bloggers will send in their posts for that day to whoever is hosting.

It sounds complicated, but it isn't complicated for cats, only our apes. My own apes are just pathetic and slow at all times. Hence me being busy trying to motivate them with the bitey.

Have a good weekend Tigger and Mom. Stay cool!

Whicky Wuudler

PS: Ask your Mom to run an ice cube down your back, I love this after a good roast in the sunshine!

Tigger said...

Thanks Whicky! Mom tried the ice cube, and I hate to admit it, but I kinda liked it...

Jan's Funny Farm said...

20 years old. You've had a good long life. Hope you stay healthy for a long time.

It would be nice if there was a blogging manual but we all kind of learn as we go. :)

The Crew said...

Did someone mention ice cubes? I LOVE ice cubes!


Anonymous said...

It is hot here but about 10 degrees less than you! Our Chica is 19 and Yoko is 17 - you are one cool senior cat! Mom learned just by reading other cat blogs, CB and asking for help on things she didn't know - everyone is very helpful! Now she blogs for the art gallery she works for! How cool is that?

MoMo said...

I just bumbled along at first but being a member of the CB helps a lot. the kitties there are very kind and helpful, as you have probably already found out. Anyway, you just post whatever you like and leave a link at the CB so that other kitties know that you are around.