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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just Thankful

Hi Everyone!
     Well Mom and I have had a scary couple of months. I'm over 24 now, (just by a little) and there were 2 different weeks, when Mom thought she was going to lose me. She just said lots of prayers, and spent lots of time with me, as she was off work.
However, I decided both times it was not my time yet! I bounced back, and although very, very fragile, wobbly, and skinny, I have been back to my howling naughty ways, & I'm still telling Georgie what I think of him. Believe me, it is not nice!
     Mom has decided to be extra thankful for every day she gets with me! (As she should be.) We have our ups and downs. She thinks I won't live forever, but we'll see :) !
     I hope this Summer finds you all happy and healthy! It is monsoon season here in the Sonoran Desert, so it is quite humid for here!
     Purrs, Hugs, and Kisses.
From, Tigger, Mom, and Georgie

Me--in younger days--on Mom's schoolwork

Georgie-in charge of the TV remote for the day


Brian said...

I am so happy youmare still here and It always makes us smile when we see you pop in our blog reader! Hugs pal!

Everycat said...

Tigger, we are very happy that have decided to stay here, the world would not be the same without you. It's hard being a very senior fella, and we know you are getting the best care and love a cat could get. We're also very pleased that you are keeping Georgie in order.

Keep on rocking Tigger, we love you!

Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

Hannah and Lucy said...

We haven't visited you before but seeing your pictures today and hearing your age (we couldn't believe you are 24 as you don't look it and your furs are beautiful) we had to call and say hello.
Take care.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Lee County Clowder said...

Yea, Tigger. Just keep on keeping on.

PS: Do you know you have Dred Word Verify on? Google turned it on for everyone a while ago. A lot of beans have trouble fighting through that, and some won't even try. FWIW

Happy Cat Family said...

Hi Tigger,
We haven't met you before.... But also wanted to say hello, and say we are glad to see you are well!
You and your momma are very lucky to have each other for 24 years - we hope we are as luck!
Take care, be happy and healthy!

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Hi Tigger!! We are so glad you are still here with us!! You don't look a day over 20!! Hehehehehe!
Your TX furinds,

The Island Cats said...

Tigger, we didn't know you were 24! Good for you! And we're so glad you keep defying the odds!!

Team Tabby said...

Hi there Tigger! You are a very handsome 24 year old! You make us feel young and the four of us are all over 11 yrs.

All the very best to you and your mom and, yes your brofur, too!


Father Tom said...

We're thankful for friends like you who came by with condolences for our loss of Tom. Thank you, Tigger, Georgie and your mom!

Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

Katie Isabella said...

Dear Heart. May your memory being joy to your mommy. xoxox