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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy VERY LATE New Year Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well, this fine 2011! (here I am pouting in the bathroom cabinet, after I  had to open the door!)
Mom has been slacking...or for better terms--she has been taking care of another cat! I have been her prince for over 20 years, and what do you know, a stray, and yes I must admit, very large, beautiful Siamese mix has been hanging around, and weaseling his way into her heart! (I have forbidden her to post his picture on MY blog.) (she says, "yet...")
 I WILL HAVE NONE OF IT! I still have my say, so I have been making it very LOUD and clear that he is not allowed in the house, nor anywhere near me! Mom has been letting him live in the garage, but soon it will be too hot for that. She is praying I will accept him, but I keep telling her--good luck with that!
  Mom is hoping for advice...I say DO NOT GIVE HER ANY MERCY.
Wishing you all a Happy January, and a wonderful 2011 (if a little late.)
Tigger (and mom)


Brian said...

Happy New Year to you too! Awfully nice to see you!!!

Everycat said...

What a serious state of affairs this is Tigger. Personally I would continue your epic restistance to this interloper. However, sometimes we cats must embrace benevolence towards our fellow cats, even if they are raggedy pretenders to our throne. This new chap may have been having a very hard time out on the streets and if he's comfy in the garage, then so be it. Could your Mum fit a cat flap to the garage so he could come and go at will during the hot weather?

Might be worth perusing the lost and found ads in local papers and at local shelters or rescue centres, even vets keep such lists sometimes, to see if he has anyone looking for him.

Whicky Wuudler

PS: It is a tragic shame that you had to open that cupboard door yourself. I hope you recovered from the exertion with a very long sleep. Maybe your Mom needs some vitamins to gee her up a bit ;)

The Creek Cats said...

Happy New Year, Tigger!!

We understand being neglected because of other cats. It's happening to us too!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

hi Tigger - happy even later new year! We are so behind in visiting - we hope you and your mom are doing well!!

Cloon said...

Hi Tigger, thanks for stopping by and visiting us. Wow, that's interesting that the kitty your Mom is helping out looks like Neytiri and has the name of George Clooney, what a cool coincidence! Neytiri is a ragdoll so maybe the kitty has some ragdoll in him? Keep us updated on how it all goes. Wouldn't a brother/friend be nice to have?

Brian said...

Hello sweet friend, I hope you are well. Thanks for the comment today.