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Friday, June 15, 2012

Aye, Aye, Aye, it's hot!

Well, hello everybody! Here we are once again...summertime in the desert. It is supposed to be 114 degrees by next week. Luckily, we have a good air conditioning system.
All is well here...I turned 23 in April! (Mom doesn't know my exact birthday, so she made one up!) But anyway, I continue to do pretty well. I'm pretty skinny these days, but what I lack in weight, I make up for in obstinance.
Mom has been sick, so I have enjoyed sleeping with her during the day, and terrorizing her at night. 
Here's me...so annoyed to be awakened AGAIN.
Georgie also continues to do very well, (unfortunately in my opinion). He and I don't speak much but I can hear him through closed doors.  Hope all is well.
Georgie--"Hiding" behind the curtain...
Tigger, Mom, and Georgie


Brian said...

I sure hope some cool finds you soon, that is way too hot!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy 23rd birthday for April!
Can you send us some hots please. We are getting heavy rain and gales every day, and our temperature is only half of yours.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Nice to see a post from you guys! Our mom was going through the blogs she follows yesterday, cleaning up, and realized it had been a few months.

Well, 23 is incredibly elderly for a kitty. Wow! Good genetics and lots of love. :-)

We hope your mom is better soon -- purrs to her for a speedy recovery!

Meg & Quill said...

Thanks for your kind words on Fin's passing.

23! That is great!

Everycat said...

114 degress!!! Crikey Tigger, we can only dream of such temperatures in the UK! We hope you can all stay cool. Hope your Mum is feeling better and you are not too exhausted by your nursing duties. We are proud to know you Tigger, you are the grandest cat in the blogosphere!

Luff from
Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

Everycat said...

Aaah it's August now Tigger. We are just dropping by to send you our love. Hope that Georgie and your Mum are doing well too.

Hope it isn't too hot where you are, we have lots of rain in the UK right now and we keep hoping our ape will put the heating on!

Luff from
Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

Everycat said...

The Roving Calender of Everycat sends you early Autumnal Greetings Tigger and hopes that you, The Teach and Georgie are enjoying a pleasant summer end.

Septemberly yours fella

Oliver, Gerry & Mungo