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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sublime Saturday

Hi Everyone,
    Mom first wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words. She gets so weepy, it is embarrassing, but she & I do thank you for all the purrs and good thoughts--it was quite unexpected and overwhelming, in the best of ways.
   It has been mostly a good day.  Earlier in the day, mom took me to the v-e-t, for a blood test. I did manage to get in a few kitty swear words to those trying to take the blood, but unfortunately they did not understand. Don't know the results of the blood test yet...but as a kitty, I always think positive, and as one my mom's favorite author's says, kitties are always in the "present." So, at this present moment life is good. There is a lovely monsoon thunderstorm rolling through the desert tonight. I'm one of those weird kitties that loves wind. I think I was "Super Kitty" in my last life. Just need a cape, with an "SK".    Hope you all are doing well, and thanks again.


Everycat said...

Well done Tigger, a good old cuss at the vet keeps the spirits up. Paws crossed for good results.

Now if I was a long haired kitty with an undulating ocean of luxurient furs like your good self, I'd be out in the wind too. Nothing weird about it fella.

We think you are a Super Kitty in this life.

Rumbles and luff

Whicky Wuudler

Christine and FAZ said...

I would love to see you in a cape. We're hoping for good results too. FAZ

Cindy said...

You'd look pawsome in a cape! I, Rosie, got in quite a few swear meows yesterday when the beans to me to the vet. Enjoy your weekend.

Brian said...

We sure are purring for good results!

Marg said...

Lots of purrs coming your way for good results. The very best thing to do for cats and hooomans is the live in the present. Enjoy life minute by minute and cats do know very well how to do that.
Have a good day.

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't know you had been sick Tigger. Your last post was when we were in purrison. We are purring for your test results to come back good.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are keeping our paws crossed for good results too. And we're sending yoo healing purrs.

Anonymous said...

Hai, Tigger!

We iz sorry to heer you haz been feeling poorly, and we hopes da medicines werk and you gits all better agin!
We are glad you stopped by our pawty last week! Whaddya mean 'I wish I wuz there'?? You WERE there! Da pawty was on our bloggie--any anipal who stopped by and commented wuz at da pawty! MOL!! Virtyooall pawties are pawsome...no one haz to travel and all dat stuffs!

Sorry it took our typist so long to get to effuryone to fank dem, but she haz had a lot of extry werks--furry buzy and furry tireds. But we had a pawsome time, so fanks fur comin' and helpin us celebrate!
Your furriends,
(we has same name!) Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches

Everycat said...

Just dropping by on a Sunday evening to say Hi to Tigger and his Mum. Hope you are both well and Tigger is snacking on his Mum's feet. YUM.

Whicky Wuudler