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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello World!

Mom wanted me to write and say how excited and surprised she was, when she checked my blog and found all my new friends and followers! She said to tell you all THANK YOU, and she'll be checking out your blogs, sites, etc, and messaging you very soon. Please bear with her--she's new to all of this, and I often feel, she's not what you'd call "the sharpest knife in the drawer"--but we have to give her a break--she is after all, HUMAN. I'd like to think she has a firm grasp of the obvious! Okay, enough of the human bashing. I do have to thank you all personally, as my new celebrity status earned me BOTH halibut and chicken today. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm going along for the wild ride! I think the more you follow, the more I'll get! I always knew I was destined for greater things...
Regarding today, I have to say after the feasting, I was a little annoyed with Mom. When she is home, I expect to be the center of THE universe. She actually had the nerve to go walking in Freestone Park today, AND she's posting a picture of IT (see picture of Freestone Park) to show you what a beautiful February day it was today. S0 no picture of me this time. HOW RUDE! Luckily this is a 3 day weekend for us, and I'll get to abuse, I mean ridicule, I mean use her again tomorrow and Monday. Time to go watch the Olympics from Vancouver. Thanks again, and adios from AZ for now.


TK said...

Hi Tigger sounds like a tuff day, but at leasts you gets chicken and halibutt. Is fun to learn something new. I is new to bloggering too, but there are many nice kittehs out there that is very pashunt with the noobies.
Has a nice Valentimes day and keeps blogging!

Eric and Flynn said...

We have lovely blue sky here too, but it is very cold.
Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Harry Spotter said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Everycat said...

It's ok to give your Mom a break now and again Tigger. They are only human and this puts them at a serious disadvantage to we felines. Letting them go for a sunny walk is good too, it keeps them relaxed, malleable and willing to hand out the halibut! Yum.

Whicky Wuudler

peggy and The Cats said...

Hi Tigger! It's nice to meet you. We don't get around as much lately. Mom says she's in a funk. Whatever.
You sure are a good looking Mancat!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Don't Moms know that you are absolutely are the center of the universe? We hope that you continue to get lots of yummy fish and we're happy to visit and help you get that.

Charlemagne and Tamar

The Crew said...

Hey, we gave you an award. Stop by and pick it up!