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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Mom is watching football---I don't like it...she gets too loud. Plus, she's having a hard time deciding who to root for--She likes both Eli Manning and Bret Favre--pronounced Fav-Ruh in my book, and in the movie "Something About Mary." Anyhoo, I've just been sunbathing. I like to look out at my garden, with the DOOR OPEN! (See picture.) I don't necessarily like to go out, just like to have the control and power to lay right in the open door. Who cares about flies, bugs, and lizards?
I also discovered a few more things I love/hate today.
Love: Pillsubury Garlic Butter Crescent Rolls, (which is weird, 'cause I'm a CARNIVORE)
Hate: Jillian Michaels Workouts. Mom's been doing them to get in shape. She loves them! She hops all over the living room, with this lady yelling at her. I try to get just underneath her legs when she's lifting them up, so she can't put them down, and has to stop. It is so funny, and...I WIN!
Mom wanted me to write every once in awhile about past experiences...since we've had many of them together. A long time ago we lived in Chandler, with, in my opinion, a large, grotesque, shrek-like creature, that she once in awhile called her "boyfriend." YUK. Anyway, I often used this human for feeding purposes, but mostly enjoyed tormenting him. I would wait until he or his friends passed out on the couch...then would hop into the sink in the guest bathroom. When they would stumble off the couch, and into the bathroom--bam! Shock, fear, wonder, (I'd like to think) filled their hearts and minds, as they questioned reality and their surroundings observing a sink fulla kitty! (See picture.) Oh that was so fun.
I also enjoyed biting the heads off any flowers Shrek chose to bring home for Mom...those were the days!
I am, however, so much happier in my home we've been in for many years. I graciously share it with Mom, as she provides decent food, water, warmth, and snuggling when necessary. Okay, time to go. Mom's lost it..Bret is kicking Eli's team's you know what! Have a great Sunday. Ta ta for now!

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